Sunday, December 11, 2011

18 months in...

Not sure how this happened but as of a few days ago you turned one and half. This means you are closer to being two than being one. It means that you are out of your baby days and we are diving head first into toddlerhood. You are so much fun and although I didn't think when I snuggled your small infant body it could get any better, it sure has!

At 18 months you...

-are VERY busy! You litterally go 100 miles an hour all day long and then crash to 0 when you sleep.
-are sleeping a solid 11 hours at night...usually from 7:30 to 6:30.
-still take a morning and afternoon nap.
-love being tickled and laughing uncontrollably and have recently started loving to tickle people yourself.
-are officially OBSESSED with animals! Birdie, doggie, cat, turtle, meow, woof, moooo...words that are constantly and animatedly coming out of your mouth.
-in fact you love animals so much that all of your major injuries-including a black eye, trip to the ER because we thought you cracked head open, and the worst having to go to the dentist after ripping your ONLY two bottom teeth almost completely out on a dog cage- have been the result of chasing animals!
-are starting to be such a snuggle bug. I love it!
-love to give kisses....and dramatically make the kissing sounds while doing so...muah!
-are constantly talking. Granted half of what comes out of your mouth we can't understand but you are learning new words everyday and have a few solid phrases down.
-yell and point at everything when riding in the car- go, car, truck, bus, bird!
-LOVE 1.carrying around your baby doll, 2. trying to give your doll a pacifier, and  3.wrapping your baby in a blanket, and the list goes on...are your trying to give us a hint? :)
-have a hat fetish! Seriously anything that will fit on your head you find a way to make it a hat. Your recent favorite is a bucket from a McDonalds happy meal you got with grandpa.
-are so social! We love picking you up from Sunday school and watching you grab the other toddlers hands and pull them to your little group of friends so they aren't left out.
-are starting to be a little shy around strangers (adults)...granted it only takes you about two seconds to warm up to them and act like yourself...but still it is so strange to have your hide wrapped around my legs when we walk into a room with people you don't know.
-are starting to be a bit of a picky eater...but we can proudly say that you are BIG fan of sushi!
-love to paint!
-copy everything I do. You can put on make-up, put on my clothes, and your most recently you like to walk around holding my bra on your chest and are oh so proud of yourself when you do!

You bring us more joy than we ever would have imagined! It is so fun to watch your little personality develop. People say you are a lot like me in the way you act...but that you look exactly like your daddy! We love you so much and would be okay with time slowing down a little bit so you stop getting so big!

With Ty Ty...Karis's BFF on Halloween.

First black eye

Buckethead....also sporting a pair of my running shorts.
Cleaning up after another painting sesh

One of her many hats.

Busy making Christmas gifts

Let's hold off on the bra another decade or so little miss...


  1. Oh how I know all of these things about this little blessing so intricately! So thankful for little Miss! Love her so much!!! xoxo

  2. What a cutie!! and of could she not be??? I love how you let her paint and get messy...we can always clean up later!! Hope you guys have the most wonderful Christmas season!!
    OXOXO to all the Boek's!!


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