Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet the pumpkin painter....

Since Karis is still a bit young for carving we went with another alternative for decorating our pumpkins this year. It was a FUN project!

Mama pumpkin and Jr.

Ready to meet their artist

She takes painting VERY seriously!

Baby hard at work

Getting started on Jr.

Notice the purple lips...took her a couple of tastes to figure out we don't eat paint

Her finished work!

Did I mention that things can get a little dramatic over here? Her reaction to hearing it's time to clean up....


* This idea came from one of my favorite blogs

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cousin Love

 Karis' cousin came for a sleepover this weekend and the two of them kept each other (and us) busy! We love you Peyton...thanks for a great night. :)

Begging for some cookies...could you say no to those faces?
Taking turns climbing on the drum.
Karis taking P for a ride.
" who is in my crib?"
'"Okay, I guess I like him.. muah!"
These two ran down the hall chasing each other and when I found them this is how they were sitting.

K was pretty taken with Peyton...she stared at him non stop.  

And Uncle Brad takes these two for a ride!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Girls and their daddy's..

Watching apples turn to cider
Big girl

Brad was their source of entertainment while we waited for the train ride...collecting rocks!
Our fabulous company
Best Friends
Until next year..

San Francisco Treat

Grandma and Grandpa Jones came up last weekend and we explored San Fran with our little bean! Lots of new things to see!
Getting ready for the big day!

Trying on hats...don't I look excited!
She LOVED the sea lions and did NOT want to leave. She kept barking at them.
Necklace + Candy = LOVE 

Admiring the views from Coit Tower
Thanks grandpa and grandma! Come back soon...XOXO
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