Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another update on baby K....

It's been another tough week in this house. Thursday Karis had another seizure and we made another trip to the ER. Brad actually was out of town for work but God made sure that I was not alone when it happened. My girlfriend Allison and I were at a restaurant for a late lunch when it happened and rushed straight to the ER after it happened. It was very similar to her last seizure- about 2 minutes, minor shaking, clenched fists, and blank stare. Thankfully, Allison was able to be my voice in the ER and I was a sobbing mess. I'm so thankful she was with me- I could not image having to be at the hospital alone (have I mentioned how much I HATE hospitals?). Luckily, the doctor's didn't keep us to long and let us go after checking Karis out- which she was perfect by then- and ordering a few more upcoming tests. Karis will have a repeat EEG and will have to have a sedated MRI. Her neurologist still believes that these are just benign seizures that she will outgrow and does not believe her to have any true seizure disorder such as epilepsy. The tests will be able to tell us for sure. In the meantime, we would love your prayers as we walk through this.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Little Skunk!

Project: Homemade Babyfood

I was feeling a little like super mom and decided to attempt making my very own organic baby food. It actually was easier than I thought. A $13 trip to the farmers market, a messy kitchen, and 2 hours later I now have a freezer full of sweet potato, grean bean, and apple babyfood!

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