Monday, June 13, 2011

ONE year in...

It's official...we have a one year old. We had a great polka dot themed birthday party to celebrate!

At twelve months you...
-are still an excellent sleeper...down at 7:30 up at 7:30.
-take two naps a day.
-are eating whatever we eat for the most part.
-love drinking out of a straw.
-are such a water can't get enough of the pool!
-can take about 10 steps, but still prefer to crawl.
-are constantly talking....your favorite word by far in C-A-T! We hear at least fifty times day as you chase poor Diesel around the house.
-love people...big, small, adults, children, ALL people!
-can wear your hair in a ponytail.
-have zero interest in the T.V.
-give me the biggest hug in the morning when I get you out of your crib. In fact, you give little hugs all day long when we are holding lean your head against my chest and squeeze! Best thing ever!
-try to climb out of the shopping cart if you have to sit more that 10 minutes.
-love, love, love ballons!
-are starting to cuddle (aka....sit still) with us when we are reading to you at night.
-have filled this year with more joy, prayer, excitement, and love than we have ever known!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

The three brithday mom and I on June 2nd and Karis on June 3rd! This year's celebration of our birthdays was a tad more enjoyable than last!

Doesn't she just look like a toddler...where's my baby!?!

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  1. oh my!! 1 years old. How time flies!!! What a sweet sweet girl...that I still long to meet. Hope you are well Bethie....miss you and love you!!!


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