Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eleven (eeeekkk) months in!

My sweet baby...I can't believe you are almost NOT a baby. You are almost a year old. WHERE did the time go? I have loved every single second of you! At eleven months you...

-are constantly babbling (lord help us when those babbles turn to words...)
-are standing on your own all the time and are quite proud of yourself when you do:)
-are eating what we eat...for the most part but still love your bottle.
-love your sippy cup.
-are a solid 11 hour sleeper at night, unless I wake you up on the days I have to work.
-have dropped your 3rd nap and are down to 2 naps a day...which I am actually okay with because they are WAY better naps. Every now and then you throw in a 3rd nap (which is a real treat for me).
-love our cat Diesel and yell at him..dededede or cat cat cat...whenever you see him.
-love animals...good girl.
-no longer sleep BETTER with mom and dad...instead you do NOT sleep at all but get so excited that we are there.
-have got your first freckle...on your forhead AND your first big bruise on your forhead
-hate shoes BUT need to wear them since you are always standing.
-have hair that is growing in white...not blond but white. Which is what I had till I was 4 so we will see...
-are starting to become an unpleasant shopping companion. What happened to my sweet little baby who loved target and the mall (and by love I mean slept through)?
-still love other babies, still love random strangers, still love people in general...it is safe to say you are a total extrovert!
- are a testimony to God's healing and are seizure free for almost 4 months....what an amazing testimony you have ALREADY...can't wait for it to continue.
- are the best SUPRISE we have ever received....

Love you sweet girl...



  1. She is a testimony indeed and she started with her own birthday! What a sweet little squeezer she is. That animal loving gene is a strong! Maybe she will up the ante and bring you home something bigger than the goat you brought me.

  2. Precious moments...very sweet :-)

  3. Can not believe that sweet Karis is almost one and I have yet to meet her. I hope we can remedy that soon.
    Love to all Boek's.


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