Thursday, March 3, 2011

9 months in...

Wow I can't believe you are 9 months old! It has flown by way too fast!

Let's see at 9 months you...
-always want to be standing only use crawling these days to get to the next thing you can pull yourself up on.
-can walk sideways completely around our coffee table while only holding on with a few fingers.
-can stand on your own for a few seconds before you grab onto are getting braver with this and keep letting go of things a little longer each time.
- are obsessed with puffs!
-are no longer that into pureed baby just want finger food so you can feed yourself (which reminds are SO independent!)
-love to take baths. In fact, if I turn my head for 1 minute and you are out of sight I can always find you in the bathroom standing by the bathtub yelling in excitement.
-are always talking. Your favorite phrases to date are bababababba...mamamamamma......dadaadaddadada.
-are in 12 month pants (although they are loose on your waist but your legs are so long that the 9 month pants look like capris) and 6 and 9 month onesies.
-terrorize our poor cat Diesel.
- love to give wide open mouth kisses right on the lips.
-are an adrenaline love to climb things- like the dishwasher and stairs...and love swings, the higher the better.
-have taken some knarly falls since you have starting these climbing expeditions! Which I must say, when you are hurt, it is one of the few times you WANT/LOVE a good mommy cuddle.
-are so happy...I am constantly getting compliments everywhere we go about what a happy girl you are!
-love to laugh and I must say you have a stinkin' cute one!
-have the most dramatic pout face....full on frown/watery eyes when you are not happy.
-your favorite game is Peek a Boo!
-your favorite thing to play with...despite the number to toys you have or we buy TRASH!  (see below for proof)
-sleep from 7pm to 7am
- take at least 2 sometimes 3 good naps a day.
- love other babies and kids! You yell with excitement every time you are around other little ones.

Are so precious to us and we cannot savor these months of your infancy enough! What a gift you are to us sweet girl!


  1. I love it! Before you know it, Karis & Em will be sneaking out of the house together. :)

  2. I love the mommy you are Bethie. when will I ever meet this sweet little girl??


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