Thursday, February 3, 2011

8 months in...

At eight months you ….

...are crawling EVERYWHERE
...are constantly covered in drool...but still have NO teeth
...are SOOOO into bath time
...are starting to pull yourself up on everything your door fact, even when you aren’t in it you bounce like crazy because you want to be other babies and sometimes scream in their face because you are so excited, which usually ends in them crying...
...are eating up a storm Your favorite is a strange avocado, banana, and tofu mix. Finger foods are another big hit.
...are starting to have mama attachment issues…
...have officially weaned yourself (so much for making it the full year)….and aren’t even that into a bottle…it’s a struggle getting liquid into you at all! You just want to eat!
...this one is gross…but you only seem to go poop when you are in your car seat driving somewhere (which let me tell you makes going places a real treat for us).
...are sleeping AGAIN 10-11 hours at night. But…
...are no longer sleeping through church (although it is still your naptime you just WON”T sleep) and have officially become part of the nursery crew.
...terrorize our poor cat Diesel, although he puts up with it and lets you grab his fur.
have hair that is getting thicker and longer by the day.
...are a testimony that prayer WORKS and are free of seizures since we figured out what’s happening in your cute little body (blog post to come with details)…

Have taught us to trust, rely, seek, cling, thank, and praise our God more than anything else in our lives! What a sweet gift you are to us!


  1. Ahhhhh!!!! AMAZING! She is beautiful & I love your blogs.

  2. So Sweet Bethy! Cant believe that were are old enough to have kids! Shouldn't we still be eating in the caf? :)

  3. Is she eating in the buff? I thought only mothers of 4 children did that. Love your heart and intentionality with your sweet one.

  4. And a gift well deserved she is! Precious...all three of you.


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