Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Neurologists, Tests, Mirrors, & Blowouts

Had an appointment yesterday morning with the neurologist....hopefully the last appointment for a long time. As great as Kaiser has been, I would be okay not visiting them again anytime soon. Yesterday was the last of many tests for my little one and once again she had perfect results! What an answer to prayer! My sister in law was in town so it was a treat to have her come with me to the appointment. The doctor basically said it is a toss up if Karis will have anymore seizures (not the most comforting news) but he did say that since all her tests results- and there were A LOT of them- came back perfect and because my husband had a single seizure and then never another when he was a kid, he believes the odds are in our favor that she won't. Phew! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! God is so good!

On a side note: Karis has recently become quite taken with herself and is fascinated with mirrors. Sadly, this cute little outfit she is wearing in the photo did not last long. We made it out the door, into the car, and into the parking structure at Kaiser before one of the biggest diaper blowout I have experienced....I'm talking through the onesie, through the pants, and all over the car seat. Such a lady I have!


  1. Great news! I am so happy to hear that for you & Karis. : )

  2. fantastic news about the test results :) hugs - tammy

  3. YAYYYYY!!! She is such a cutie!! Great seeing you guys yesterday!!

    And yea.... blowouts... I know them!! :))


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