Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5 Freeway Blowout

Births, funerals, and weddings have all brought us down to so-cal  3 times in the past two months. Karis has been a total trooper. Once we flew, she did great. The other times we have driven, she did great. Poor kid has experienced more of the 5 freeway than most adults. This past trip I think she let us know that she had had enough of the long car rides. I heard a strange noise coming from the backseat...I turn to see this face-
Me: "Hmmmm....Brad maybe we should pull over."
Brad: "We're like 30 miles away from where we were planning to stop. Let's just keep going."
Me: "Yeah I think she can make it, she seems to be drifting off back to sleep."

Please note: Once we made the decision to keep going the 30 miles there was literally no where else to stop.

Brad: "It's okay sweetie we're almost there, only 12 more miles."
Me: "Wow, she is angry!"

Once we get there I quickly hop in the back to get her out when I see the real reason why she was crying, I see the reason behind the face above, I see the reason I heard strange sounds coming from the back seat.


We were quite a scene in the parking lot of In & Out trying to clean her up. Literally poop everywhere. I think we learned our lesson in trying to just push that extra 30 miles. Luckily, next time we go down- we're flying!


  1. Oh she definitely made us pay. Never again will we make her wait.

  2. Oh my goodness!!

    We have had some blowouts like that too... not fun.

    But wow she is a trooper to let you take of pic of it!!! :)


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